Loyal to our origin, we face our journey.

 Excellence, Humility, Sustainability and Respect are our principles. Elevate your essence. Welcome to Dominio Basconcillos. 

A walk through the vineyards of Dominio Basconcillos is a sensory journey due to the height and landscape of this unique haven in the Ribera del Duero region. Our approach to viticulture is a tribute to our way of living, our understanding of nature, and our respect for diversity and tradition.

Experiencing Dominio Basconcillos is a tribute for the senses, in the solitude of the paramo, away from the bustle, reconnecting with the beauty of nature, and treasuring the essence of our human nature. 

José María Basconcillos 

Nature lover, a Pioneer, who instilled in his family the drive of making an excellent, iconic, classic, respectful and honest wine.


His happiness is to perpetuate the values ​​of the Family in Dominio Basconcillos.

María José & Carmen Basconcillos 

Maria José and Carmen Basconcillos are greatest witnesses of their father´s legacy. They seek to maintain the integrity of Dominio Basconcillos. This includes the responsibility of cherishing the essence, enhancing the virtues of Dominio Basconcillos and highlighting the exclusivity of our Winery: Our estate, our knowledge of high-altitude viticulture and our loyalty to our vineyard and values.

"By caring for and understanding nature, you can attain the best product."

The magnificent project is accompanied by the Family Legacy. Don José María Basconcillos knows how to pass down his knowledge calmly and cherishing the experience.

Caring for this harmonious natural environment is the ultimate goal. The winery is a unity with the landscape minimizing the environmental impact.

Dominio Basconcillos is above all a family winery. Three generations that enjoy and share their passion for a common project. A way of understanding the world of wine based on responsibility, sensitivity and respect for the environment.

Its protagonists, the Basconcillos Family, are in love with Ribera del Duero. They want not only to make one of the best wines, but also decided to do it in a sustainable way, being very respectful to nature. This is the passion that Don José María has been able to transmit to his daughters, who receive the baton of his great vision.

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Burgos | España

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