Latitude: 41.812956 / Longitude: -3.653741 / Altitude: 905 Meters

Dominio Basconcillos 

20 years ago José Maria Basconcillos was searching for a special location for a vineyard. He discovered a special place where Benedictine monks originally brought their knowledge in the cultivation of vines and taught how to make wine in the Middle Ages.


The 50 hectares estate, which Jose Maria discovered, is an unexpected valley about 1,000 meters above sea level, with a unique micro-climate especially well-suited to cultivating grapes for fine wines.


The Family and our great team are the soul that put all their knowledge and work into our treasured vineyard for our customers.



The tranquility of our high-altitude location, the unity of our winery and vineyard in a single estate, and our strive for excellence are the soul of Dominio Basconcillos.

The vineyard of Domino Basconcillos runs along the gentle and endless slopes that shape the orography of what we historically call the PARAJE DEL ALTO DEL CURA.


The Vineyard and Winery define the property (the Domain). Conceived in the French Chateau style, every detail is studied and carefully formulated, so that the care of the fields, harvesting and wine making are consistent with the philosophy of Dominio Basconcillos. 


Two generations currently coexist in the Basconcillos family with a common goal: To have our customers truly enjoy and appreciate Dominio Basconcillos’ wines.


"By caring for and understanding nature, you can attain the best product"

After 20 years of using sustainable and natural practices in our vineyard, our land has become a true haven of biodiversity that brims with life. The abundant animal life is proof of the quality and health of our thriving vines.


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09370 Gumiel de Izán

Burgos | España

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